Wednesday 29 August 2012

Spring is in the Air 
It's really starting to warm up here in Sydney... and we all know what that means! It's time to throw off the heavy wool blankets and wooly sheets and get into SOFT CRISP cotton sateens. To celebrate the new season we've marked down ALL our 1000+ Pure Cotton Sateen sheet sets and Quilt cover sets.
A huge range of colours available with Queen at $84.00. It's a crazy price.

Also keeping in the spirit of throwing off the old heavy blankets, we think it's time you update the towel cupboard. Bensons new Day Spa range has a wonderful selection of bright colours towels. The mega bath sheet can also be used as a beach towel. Summers not far away.

Here are a few handy tips when caring for your bath towels. At Benson, we also recommend you wash your towels in a wool wash rather than a harsh detergent. Wool washes will keep your towels feeling soft, won't fade colours and keep then smelling sweet. Do you have any handy tips or secrets when caring for your favourite bedlinen?

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