Sunday 2 September 2012

Well, after a big weekend with the family we dedicate this blog to all the Fathers out there. Did you managed to find the perfect fathers day gift? Below is the top 5 fathers from the animal kingdom.

Say hello to Number 5. He may be green and slimy, but he's a great dadPerhaps no group of animals contains so many dedicated fathers as frogs and toads. There are frog fathers that carry their tadpoles in their mouths, often refusing to eat until the tadpoles are old enough to survive on their own. Wow! Whata  great dad! 

Ok, we know Number 4 isn't the prettiest of dads, but the daddy lumpsucker certainly makes up for it never ending love and loyalty. This dad will often look over his young until they are born, even if that means getting in the odd battle with the local predator 

We think our next prize winning daddy is just the greatest. Number 3 our little buddy the Seahorse spends 45 days incubating the eggs and will also experience contractions as they give birth. Let's hear it for the seahorse laddies!! 

He might look nasty, but he is a big softy. Number 2 is our Giant water bug. Those aren't ordinary lumps on the back of this male water bug — those are his children! Giant water bugs display the most dedicated paternal care in the insect world by carrying the eggs on their wings until they hatch.

which brings us to the number one dad in the animal kingdom. Drum roll please!!! Sitting at Number 1 is a father that wins the trophy of all trophies in the animal kingdom. It's our very good friend the Emperor penguin. For those of you who didn't grow up watching David Attenborough documentaries, you'll see this father tops them all. Even putting his own life at risk to care for his young. Thank you Dad, from all of us.

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